Sleep and the circadian cycle: the art of slumber

Restorative sleep, rest in the shade, nap by the seaside. Wherever one may be, sleep is essential. Sleeping better leads to better awakening and better living.

By determining how we sleep, the circadian rhythm sets the tempo for all the biological functions of the human body. This brain-controlled cycle forms a natural body clock that resets approximately every 24 hours.

But when this rhythm is disturbed, we can have trouble getting proper sleep. This is because our body’s natural clock and recovery ability are thrown out of kilter.

The art of sleep, reinvented

"In 2017, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to three men for their discovery of the molecular mechanisms that control the circadian cycle. In other words, they presented scientific proof that the body’s software reboots according to an internal clock, not unlike the planets orbiting our sun.

From dawn to dusk, the body produces different hormones in step with its internal clock. When this clock is running haywire, external factors can help get it back on track."

Relearning sleeping habits with The Purist

For The Purist, this involves premium bed linen, total darkness to favour sleep hormone production, relaxing aromas to help drift off more easily, and stimulating scents and light therapy systems upon waking. In accordance with their needs, each guest can enjoy balanced recipes and scrumptious dishes that either soothe or invigorate.

Once combined, these tools and rituals turn the dream of better sleep into a lasting reality.

The Purist’s tips for a better sleep

1 : Limit screen exposure in the hour before bedtime

2 : Eat lighter in the evening

3 : Avoid coffee and tea before going to bed: drink herbal tea instead

4 : Go to bed at the same time every night