Reset Cycle

Detoxing for total well-being

Life nowadays is often hectic and stressful and can leave our whole body feeling tired and overwhelmed. Much more than a simple reset after a period of indulgence, a detox is a 360-degree holistic approach to simplifying all aspects of our daily lives. Detoxing aims to rebalance mind and body in a sustainable way, so we can get rid of everything that is dragging us down and keep only what we really need: energy and vitality.

When is the best time to detox?

In winter we tend to turn inwards and “hibernate”, making the in-between season afterwards the perfect time to cleanse, quieten the incessant mental chatter and clear low-frequency emotions and obstructive repetitive patterns. This simple practice allows us not only to ground ourselves, but provides us with everything we need for true personal fulfilment, timed to coincide with the arrival of spring.

Detoxing – an integrative approach

Whether caused by an unbalanced diet, pollution, stress, etc., a physical detox aims to eliminate toxins accumulated in the body by eating locally produced, seasonal, organic produce, rich in nutrients, and through optimal hydration. Ideally, this should be done alongside regular physical exercise to stimulate blood flow and reinforce the immune system. Mental detoxes work to declutter the mind of negative thinking and anxiety by pressing pause. Unplugging, meditation, breathing techniques, treatments, massages, and spending time in nature are all ways to reconnect with yourself when you’ve been neglecting self-care.

There’s no need to separate mind and body when they are both essential and complementary.

The Purist’s detoxes provide an in-depth recalibration that includes:

• Self-care to allow energy to circulate

• Movement and breathwork to revitalise you

• Nutrition for renewed strength

• Sleep to get your spark back

Reset Cycle– much more than a detox

How do we know when we need to detox? Fatigue. Fatigue affects everyone and is one of the main reasons people see a doctor in the UK. We are lacking that zest for life that powers us forward with enthusiasm and optimism. We get it from our diet, move its flow through treatments and massages and by physical movement, and carefully preserve it through rest. The Purist’s Cycle Reset provides the opportunity to reconnect with this virtuous circle, through a personalised detox for mind, body and emotions.

A total recalibration! A three-to-six-day programme for a complete fresh start, with personalised assessments, a healthy energy-boosting diet, exercise, tailored treatments and consultations with specialists. Reset Cycle provides you with all the expert advice you need to introduce good habits that you can take back into everyday life. It’s our firm belief that it’s just the boost you need to create your own equilibrium and live a more fulfilled life.

Book your Cycle at the Cures Marines Hotel & Spa Trouville MGallery or by phone at +33 2 31 14 26 00.