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Redefining modern-day indulgence

Mövenpick hotels effortlessly combine culinary delights, contemporary, sustainable design, and state-of-the art health and wellness resources. Much more than a simple hotel stay, Mövenpick offers the perfect balance of indulgence, relaxation, and wellbeing, transforming life’s simple pleasures into meaningful rituals while revitalizing body, mind, and soul. From the daily indulgence of Chocolate Hour to an inventive range of Signature Dishes and traditional Swiss Gourmet Goods, along with dedicated fitness and wellness services, Mövenpick hotels never compromise on authenticity or quality, turning meals and everyday moments into cherished memories. They simply do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

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Mövenpick Casablanca

Casablanca ∙ Morocco

SpaIn town

Mövenpick Gammarth

La marsa ∙ Tunisia

SpaAt the seaside

Mövenpick Hotel Du Lac Tunis

Tunis ∙ Tunisia

SpaBeside a lake

Mövenpick Marrakech

Marrakech ∙ Morocco

SpaIn town

Mövenpick Sousse

Sousse ∙ Tunisia

SpaAt the seaside