Balance Cycle: restore emotional harmony

Are you feeling out of balance? Free your emotions and align body and mind by gently bringing the mental and physical back into balance.

In today’s world where the frantic pace of daily life can often be overwhelming, emotional rebalancing is essential for maintaining our well-being.

This rebalancing of both mind and body aims to bring harmony to our emotions, reduce stress and help us navigate life’s ups and downs with more resilience.

We find that when we accept our weaknesses, we also (re)discover our strengths and come to understand ourselves better.

This is what the Balance Cycle aims to do. The Purist’s three-phase signature programme works at the emotional level for immediate and long-term realignment of body and mind. Guaranteed relaxation!

Emotional rebalancing for renewed mind/body harmony

Are you stressed and mentally exhausted?

Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands and can’t get on top of things?

Nothing surprising there in our fast-paced daily lives!

But it’s definitely time to press pause and reconnect with yourself on a deeper level by taking a break that we’re calling an “emotional rebalance”.

This holistic approach combines sensory experiences, energy techniques and targeted treatments to help you regain mental balance and emotional stability and achieve peace and serenity.

Unlike emotional management, which focuses on controlling and suppressing negative feelings such as fear, anger or sadness, emotional rebalancing helps us to accept, understand and integrate our emotions in a healthy and constructive way, so that we can get back on track and, most importantly, move forward.

What are the benefits?

By adopting personalised rebalancing techniques and integrating them into our daily lives, we can achieve emotional wellbeing, stability and serenity at both the professional and personal levels.

What does this actually mean?

When we learn to manage our emotions better, we reduce our stress and anxiety levels, but also communicate more effectively with those around us, nurturing more meaningful relationships with family, friends and everyone we meet.

By understanding our strengths and our weaknesses, we noticeably increase our resilience when faced with the challenges life throws our way.

Are you ready for a journey towards inner well-being?

The Purist’s Balance Cycle moves through three essential phases.

Firstly, By Be Flow diagnostics are used to assess your physical, mental and emotional states and design your programme.

The first phase helps you to let go of emotional baggage through energy release and eliminates toxins from the body. You’ll then reconnect body and mind by unwinding in the flotation tank, meditating in the heart of nature and through rebalancing reflexology and shiatsu sessions.

Finally, the mindfulness phase leads you into total harmony and realignment by combining the benefits of the cold (cryotherapy) with a unique sound therapy ritual from rock crystal specialist Elisabeth Contal. You’ll emerge reconnected, serene, and fully grounded back in the here and now. Book your Cycle at the Cures Marines Hotel & Spa Trouville MGallery or by phone at +33 2 31 14 26 00.