What is the best type of massage for your needs ?

Discover the different types of massage adapted to your needs and enjoy a wellness break in one of our spa hotels.

Wellness break: what is the best type of massage for your needs?

Disconnect and indulge in the well-being experience of a massage treatment to sooth tension, reduce stress, and slip into a deep state of relaxation. Discover different types of massage and their benefits while enjoying a wellness break in one of our hotels.

Whether a Californian massage, a hydromassage, a Deep Tissue treatment or the Shiatsu technique, these different types of massage help to eliminate stress and restore energy levels. Based on your specific needs, these treatments will immerse you in a cocoon of well-being, as each technique offers a unique massage experience. If you don’t know which type of massage to choose, read on to discover the recommendations of our expert, Céline Quetelard.

 Massage with water: regenerative benefits

During a massage with water, you will reconnect with a feeling of serenity thanks to the benefits of the relaxing rainwater effect. This peaceful experience helps to relieve tension through hydromassage and treatments specially designed for their restorative virtues. According to Céline Quetelard, this massage is essential for “re-energizing the body. The droplet misting effect and seawater inhalation encourage the absorption of minerals and the unblocking of the airways. This is the ideal treatment for relaxing your muscles and giving your body a much-needed boost.”

A seawater massage at the Sofitel Quiberon Thalassa Sea & Spa

In a restorative setting, you can take advantage of the Thalasso facilities offering divine seawater treatments. A range of marine active ingredients combine in innovative massages designed to create a wellness experience for one or two people. At the Sofitel Quiberon Thalassa Sea & Spa, you can enjoy a relaxing Marine Therapy break, including hydromassage baths, remineralizing body wraps, and deep tissue massages using seawater jets.


Shiatsu massage: a soothing practice

Originally from China, a Shiatsu massage is an amazing way to fully rebalance your body using different pressure techniques. Famed for being one of the most therapeutic types of massage, it stimulates acupuncture points and instantly instils a feeling of calm while removing all muscular tension from your body. The objective is to “eliminate tense areas before they have a negative impact on overall health. It tones the body while restoring the correct circulation of energy,” says our expert.

A Shiatsu massage at the Hôtel Les Cures Marines Trouville

The Hôtel Les Cures Marines Trouville has a brand-new treatment space in which the expertise of renowned brands (Cellcosmet & Cellmen, Gemology) combines with revolutionary techniques. Energizing marine massages are offered for their recharging, draining benefits. This range includes the Shiatsu Balance treatment, which stimulates different flows in the body to correct any disfunction. By applying pressure to different areas, your meridians (channels used for energy flow) and acupuncture points are sustainably reharmonized.


Deep Tissue Massage: a type of sports massage

For those who regularly practice an intense sporting activity, the Deep Tissue massage connects with the muscles to completely reenergize the body. This is an ideal treatment for relaxing any painful areas, and is also suited to anyone looking to care for their joints and relieve aches. According to our expert, this massage helps to work on the body’s entire muscular system: “It removes lactate, a toxin found in muscles that causes aches and pains.”

A Deep Tissue massage at the Hôtel Sofitel Biarritz Le Miramar Thalassa Sea & Spa

With its breathtaking sea views, the institute at the Hôtel Sofitel Biarritz Le Miramar Thalassa Sea & Spa offers marine massages and an exclusive sea-inspired ritual. It also features sensory treatments and massages designed to meet each person’s individual needs. Specially designed for those looking for muscular recovery, the Deep Tissue Kos Paris massage uses deep movements to soothe tensions lodged within the muscles.


Californian massage: powerful stress relief

Both fluid and gentle, the Californian massage is a key anti-stress ally using different essential oils in a truly relaxing ritual. It rids the body of its psychological tension thanks to a series of soft, flowing movements that are perfect for calming any anxiety. Our expert describes the Californian massage as including “large movements” as part of a slow and deliberate practice. “This is a massage from the heart that helps you to let go of your worries and relax.” Naturally soothing, it is one of the best types of massage for dealing with the bustle of daily life.

A Californian massage at the Novotel Thalassa Sea & Spa Oléron

Passionate about promoting well-being, the Novotel Thalassa Sea & Spa Oléron offers a marine experience with sea views that can also be reserved for special occasions. This invitation to restoration and peacefulness is backed by bespoke packages based on individual needs. The Californian massage, featured in the Serenity program, draws on a ballet of gentle, harmonious movements designed to inspire an intense feeling of fulfilment. This treatment can be provided for one or two people, and is combined with a restorative, warming oil.