Sequence Recovery: the 100% recovery programme

Do you want to optimise your performance in both mind and body? Here are the key steps to optimal sports recovery.

Do you know how important good recovery is for mind and body after intense physical activity or between two hard training sessions?

Much more than simply passive rest, recovery should be active and strategic, allowing body and mind to recharge, repair and adapt ready for the challenges to come. And yet, we tend to neglect this crucial restorative phase.

Promote muscle repair, ground your breathing, work on your mind and look after yourself with a break that’s both sport-focused and holistic. With three expertly planned days of complete recovery, you’ll be able to significantly boost your performance and increase your potential.

Are you ready to push the boundaries?

Recovery – the key to achieving 100% regeneration

Everyone who exercises or practises a sport, occasionally, regularly, or at pro level, experiences the same muscle soreness after training or events.

Our muscles experience microtrauma and tightness that need to be repaired.

Recovery helps us to restore hormonal balance and reduce inflammation, and promotes cell renewal.

If we miss out this stage, we risk a build-up of fatigue and physical stress factors that increase the risk of injury.

Planned recovery allows our muscles and joints to repair themselves and become stronger, significantly reducing this injury risk. Better still, it promotes proprioception and coordination for improved performance.

When our bodies have recovered well, we can make high-intensity efforts efficiently and sustainably, with greater mental clarity, concentration and motivation.

All essential elements for achieving our fitness goals.

How can we use recovery to rebalance mind and body?

Good recovery soothes us physically and reduces inflammation to restore sustainable physical balance.

Sport also includes a psychological aspect, with intense pressure, high expectations and moments of self-doubt.

Periods of mental regeneration for the nervous system are vital for good overall recovery.

Meditation, visualisation and other treatments and relaxation techniques help us maintain a positive and confident mental attitude.

For optimum benefit, recovery needs to be proactively built into our training plans with time set aside for rest.

To be effective, it’s important that we also underpin this process with a balanced diet and good hydration.

Paying attention to physical and mental recovery is the best way to improve results while minimising risk and maintaining our general wellbeing.

Rediscover and strengthen your potential over the long term!

“The one- to three-day Sequence Recovery can be individually tailored and allows you to recharge your vital energy in-between events”, explains Antoine Lecoq, Spa & Wellness Manager at the Cures Marines Hotel & Spa Trouville.

It offers immediate relief from injury and muscle soreness, using cryotherapy and Stendo technology, which stimulates blood, lymph and tissue circulation, as well as the new Cinq Mondes “Ancient Greece” Relaxing Massage Treatment with expert physiotherapists – a The Purist preview.

The infrared sauna and natural seaweed bath detoxify and remineralise to restore balance and harmony in the body.

As for the mental aspect, we use techniques based on neuroscience (Rebalance Impulse) to promote cognitive recovery, with breathwork, meditation and flotation tank sessions for total relaxation.”

The key to freeing body and mind, enhancing wellbeing and total revitalisation.

Book your Sequence at the Cures Marines Hotel & Spa Trouville MGallery here or by phone at +33 2 31 14 26 00.