My Sequence: a breath of freedom

Do you know the impact of breathing control on our body, our emotions and our mind? Here are the keys to effective conscious breathing.

Do you (really) know how to breathe?

This automatic action that we do up to 20,000 times a day, without necessarily thinking about it, can have real repercussions on our well-being.

To do this, you must put all your awareness into it in order to use your respiratory capacities to the maximum and draw out their full potential.

That’s the aim of breathwork, also called respirology or breathing work.

This well-being practice has many benefits for physical and mental health, such as increased vitality, good control of emotions and improved concentration. Inspiring!

Breathing, a more than vital function

Each inhalation brings oxygen, vital for the functioning of our cells, while each exhalation eliminates carbon dioxide, a metabolic waste. But beyond this physiological function, breathing also influences our mental and emotional state by directly affecting our sympathetic nervous system, responsible for stress response, and the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes relaxation and recovery.

“However, 95% of people breathe unconsciously and poorly (hypoxia), deplores Antoine Lecoq, Spa & Wellness Director at Cures Marines Hôtel & Spa Trouville. Our breathing is often impacted and influenced by the rhythm of our days, our emotions, stress, external irritants (allergies, pollution, tobacco, etc.), physical effort and social pressure, such as pulling in our stomach.”

As a result? We only use 15% to 20% of our actual respiratory capacity with each breath. We can do better!

How respirology can improve everyday life

Regularly inhaling and exhaling consciously has a real impact on our daily life:

  • Reduced stress and improved mental clarity: by promoting slow and controlled breathing, respirology or breathwork can reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and induce a state of deep relaxation. Providing oxygen to the brain improves concentration, memory and decision-making.

  • Maintaining good physical health: effective breathing improves blood circulation, digestion

  • and the immune system by making nutrient assimilation easier. Specific techniques can also help reduce blood pressure and improve lung function.

  • Improving relationships with oneself and others: breathing allows you to better manage and express your emotions, but also to feel anchored in the here and now, which facilitates peaceful relationships with those around you.

The Purist, inspired by breathing

In a stressful world, taking the time to consciously breathe is profoundly transformative.

This is the conviction of The Purist experts who developed My Sequence, an adaptable programme that allows you to catch your breath in complete freedom, through a breathwork workshop and three individual treatments and group activities of your choice, to promote overall well-being.

“With respirology, we feel the benefits of a treatment more by being more receptive to the present moment,” explains Antoine Lecoq. We also learn how to relax, in order to leave with ways to feel even better in our daily life.”

Book your Sequence at the Cures Marines Hotel & Spa Trouville MGallery or by phone at +33 2 31 14 26 00.