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Essential reconnection through seawater

It is difficult to imagine a place more suited to contemplation. At the Novotel Thalassa Sea & Spa Le Touquet, everything has been designed to harmonize your internal clock with that of the world around you. This begins with the beach and the daily spectacle of the changing tides on the Opal Coast. As you wander back, feel your soul invigorated by the sea-spray, the wild dunes, and the constantly shifting light throughout the day.

You'll love it for:

  • The view over the sea, the huge beach of Le Touquet, and the changing tides

  • Its thalasso center bathed in light with breathtaking views over the Opal Coast

  • Thalasso and Spa treatments

A Zen thalasso spa bathed in light

Welcome to the Sea & Spa thalasso where you can create your own treatment program or indulge in a beauty ritual in an elegant setting filled with natural light. Freed from your worries and connected with nature, give yourself over to the expertise of the team of hydrotherapists and beauticians, while enjoying the mineral benefits and precious stones with Gemology.

The treatments which will catch your eye include restorative massages, relaxing Lomi-Lomi massages, hydromassage seawater baths, thermo-spa marine purification treatments, wraps on a water mattress, and Kansu massages – a relaxing treatment originating in Ayurvedic practices from India. Prolong this soothing experience by stopping at the Bar à Bulles and the herbal tea room, or discover shared treatments at the two-person cabin in the wellness space.

Top facilities

  • Pool

  • Sauna

  • Hammam

  • Fitness

  • Seawater therapy

This oasis of calm in the Hauts de France region has everything you could need: an exceptional location directly on the beach overlooking the English Channel, a thalasso center offering marine and beauty treatments, a sauna, a steam room, and a cryotherapy space. You can even venture into the nearby centuries-old forest and the elegant town center of Le Touquet.


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Front de Mer BP 214

62520 Le Touquet



Front de Mer BP 214

62520 Le Touquet


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