Have you ever tried a jet shower?

Discover the jet shower, an iconic Thalasso treatment

What is a jet shower?

The Thalasso jet shower is a hydrotherapy technique using a jet of warm seawater to deliver a continuous, targeted massage to the body. This treatment is carried out by a hydrotherapist who manually directs the jet, applying different pressures at varying distances, massaging specific areas of the body or providing a more general treatment. This process helps to relax muscles, stimulate blood circulation, promote toxin elimination, and tone the skin. The temperature of the water, combined with the force of the jet, offers a unique therapeutic experience, contributing to a general sense of well-being while revitalizing the body.

Energizing, sculpting, or relaxing: the many benefits of a jet shower

  • Energizing – energy and regeneration: this full-body massage promotes muscular relaxation and boosts the body’s vitality by stimulating different energy points. By targeting reflex zones, this continuous massage stimulates vascular, lymphatic, and energy circulation throughout the body. Your body is replenished with trace elements and mineral salts. This marine massage restores tone and energy, while providing an immediate sensation of well-being and relaxation.

  • Sculpting – circulation and slimming: during the session, the seawater jet focuses on the waterlogged areas of your body to drain and sculpt them. The high pressure mobilizes fatty layers and combats cellulite. Your venous, lymphatic, and energy circulation improves. Your skin will be toned thanks to the stimulating massage. Thanks to its draining, toning, and physique-sculpting effects, this massage is particularly effective as part of a slimming program.

  • Relaxing – muscle relaxation and jet massage: performed while seated, this innovative massage targets the energy points in your back to relieve tension.