Cryotherapy facials: breathing new life into your skin

Discover cryotherapy facials, a cutting-edge technique for boosting your glow

Cryotherapy, often described as the secret to eternal youth, promises to breathe new life into your skin. This revolutionary technique, which uses extreme cold to revitalize and rejuvenate the epidermis, has become a cornerstone of beauty rituals at spas and treatment centers.

By stimulating blood circulation and boosting collagen production, cryotherapy facials offer a multitude of benefits, including visibly reduced signs of aging, improved skin elasticity, and a brighter, more even complexion. Ideal for those looking to revitalize their skin without invasive procedures, this innovative treatment is an invitation to rediscover your skin’s natural beauty, offering freshness, tone, and radiance.

What is a cryotherapy facial?

A cryotherapy facial is an avant-garde treatment technique, defined by its gentle approach, non-invasiveness, and total respect for the epidermis.

This cutting-edge treatment uses a cold mist of nitrogen, reaching temperatures as low as -140°C, applied directly to the face. The objective is to boost the skin’s natural defenses and renewal processes. By acting gently on the skin, this method stimulates a beneficial biological reaction, promoting deep rejuvenation and a significant improvement in skin quality, without any aggressive side-effects.

What are the benefits of cold on the face?

This expert skincare product exerts multiple effects on the epidermis.

The application of freezing temperatures immediately tightens pores, giving skin a smoother, more toned appearance. This action also promotes the elimination of toxins and dead cells, clearing the complexion and making imperfections far less visible. Simultaneously, cold stimulates the natural process of cell renewal, contributing to energized skin regeneration. In short, cryotherapy facials offer deep rejuvenation, revealing revitalized, healthy-looking skin.

Aesthetic cryotherapy facials: smoothing fine lines and wrinkles

By exposing the skin to cold air, an aesthetic cryotherapy facial plays a key role in stimulating collagen production, which is essential for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. This increase in collagen makes the complexion smoother, more even, and visibly younger. The skin gains in tone and firmness, offering an immediate revitalizing effect and a real radiance boost from the very first session.

With regular application, the beneficial effects of cryotherapy accumulate, leading to a noticeable reduction in the signs of aging. Regular sessions effectively contribute to improving skin texture, reducing the appearance of signs of aging for a visibly younger, revitalized face.

Calming skin problems without injections

Cryotherapy facial sessions offer non-invasive solutions to various skin problems, without the need for injections or scalpels. This technique is renowned for its effects on the epidermis, and also enables a deep cleansing of the skin, offering tangible results for imperfections such as acne, which tends to diminish significantly.

The action of low temperatures is not confined to aesthetics; it also has a positive influence on inflammation – both internal and external. Cryotherapy facials help to calm redness and alleviate symptoms associated with inflammatory conditions of the skin and the whole face, such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. By reducing inflammation and purifying the skin, this treatment helps to restore balance and significantly improve overall skin condition, offering a gentle and effective alternative for those hoping to treat their skin problems without invasive methods.

How do cryotherapy facial treatments work?

  1. 1. Each session begins with a thorough cleansing of the face to remove make-up, dead cells, and impurities, preparing the skin for the treatment.

  2. 2. Next, a cold mist of liquid nitrogen is gently sprayed over the face, neck, and décolleté for 5 to 10 minutes. The mist is applied precisely to cover all areas uniformly, ensuring even distribution of the cold across the skin.

  3. 3. After applying the cold mist, a moisturizing mask, made using hyaluronic acid and natural products, is applied. This mask is enriched with moisturizing and revitalizing active ingredients, and is specially designed for skin in need of deep hydration and rejuvenation. It works to restore the skin’s natural glow while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  4. 4. The session ends with the application of various cosmetic products, such as a serum followed by a specific eye contour treatment, followed by a moisturizing cream to stimulate collagen production and smooth the skin. This final step helps bolster the anti-aging effect of the treatment, leaving the skin visibly younger and more toned.

We recommend attending a cryotherapy facial session at least once a month, and ideally twice, for optimal benefit. Antoine LECOQ, Thalasso & Spa Director, Cures Marines de Trouville

Where can I get a cryotherapy facial?

Several destinations across France offer cryotherapy facial treatments at their spa and Thalasso centers. Quiberon, Trouville, Paris, and Ile d’Oléron are just a few of the places where this technique is available as part of wellness breaks. These sites offer a unique cryotherapy facial experience, suitable for those in search of a refreshing, skin-positive treatment.

The cryotherapy facial sessions in these establishments are designed to deliver visible results, such as smoother, more toned skin, all in a relaxing environment. They are aimed at everyone, whether you want to revitalize your skin or simply treat yourself to a moment of relaxation. Regular practice is recommended to maximize the benefits for your skin, in the relaxing surroundings of our spa and Thalasso hotels .

Why have a cryotherapy facial?

Energize your skin with a cryotherapy facial, an innovative treatment offered by our Thalassotherapy centers . This method uses extreme cold to stimulate blood circulation, promote collagen production, and tighten pores, resulting in a refreshed, radiant complexion. The benefits of cryotherapy go beyond aesthetics. It helps reduce inflammation and redness, and can even soothe migraines. This treatment is particularly popular for its toning and rejuvenating effects. Try the cold for yourself, for radiant skin and a lasting feeling of well-being.

What should I avoid doing after a cryotherapy facial?

After a cryotherapy facial session, there are certain recommendations to optimize the benefits of the treatment and avoid any discomfort or adverse effects on the epidermis. You should avoid direct exposure to sunlight immediately after treatment, and refrain from applying aggressive or alcohol-based cosmetics to the treated area to ensure you do not irritate the skin.

Similarly, it is best to postpone any activities that generate excessive heat on the face, such as a sauna or steam room, to allow the skin to benefit fully from the rejuvenating and toning effects of the cryotherapy. These simple precautions will help maintain the fresh, revitalized state created by the treatment.

How long does a cryotherapy facial treatment last?

A cryotherapy treatment generally lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. This duration is ideal, as it enables all areas of the face to benefit fully from the cooling and revitalizing effects of the treatment without causing discomfort. Short but effective, these sessions focus on stimulating circulation, resolving acne problems, soothing skin redness, providing an anti-aging solution, encouraging collagen production, and offering an immediate, radiant boost to the skin – all in a timeframe that easily fits into any schedule.