Thalassa Sea & Spa

The sea reveals the secret of its energy. Tailor-made serenity awaits you in the marine spas of Thalassa Sea & Spa establishments.

Welcome to Thalassa Sea & Spa

In exceptional seaside environments, reconnect with your positive energy and enjoy the infinite benefits of the iodine air. Here, well-being is a lifestyle. Treat yourself to a regenerating pause tailored to your needs, immerse your eyes in the blue of the sea or ocean, and let yourself be swept away by a wave of well-being in the Thalassa Sea & Spa marine spas. What better place than the seaside to fully recharge your batteries, fill up on vitamins and minerals, and reconnect with your body? Thalassa Sea & Spa offers customized marine treatments, because well-being is specific to each person. Enjoy treatments from renowned brands or personalized coaching à la carte elaborated to help you reach your goals. Thalassa Sea & Spa takes care of you.

Thalassa Sea & Spa's marine expertise

Thalassotherapy combines the benefits of seawater, the marine climate and seaweed for preventive or curative purposes. Seawater, rich in trace elements and mineral salts, brings well-being and balance to the body. Heated, it helps muscles relax and minerals are absorbed through the skin's pores. The marine climate, temperate throughout the year, is ideal for relaxation. It naturally contains more oxygen, more iodine and fewer allergens, helping to regenerate the body. Thalasso treatments are combined with the benefits of other disciplines such as hydrotherapy, a therapeutic message method using seawater to relax muscles, nutrition and seaweed massages. Thalassotherapy treatments can be taken as cures or as part of a weekend of relaxation.

A promise of well-being based on 6 pillars


The comfort of my room and the bedding are ideal for a good night's sleep. Experts are on hand to offer workshops and specific recovery treatments, and everything is designed to promote rest during your stay.

The treatments

A wellness offer that's easy to understand and makes me dream: flexibility, pleasure, authenticity. A response tailored to my needs, which I can co-construct with the experts before arriving on site. A perfect combination of "what gives me pleasure" and "what does me good".


The offer is collective or individual, personalised, fun and surprising... it transports me towards an effective pleasure experience, adapted to my level. The coaches don't just give me a sports lesson, they offer me a unique, caring and personalised experience.


We don't spare ourselves... we're doing ourselves good ! Our cuisine is creative, inventive and full of flavour, using fresh, authentic ingredients. It's gourmet and balanced, and adapts to day and seasons.


Natural beauty in & out that makes me glow... I follow what I eat, how I move, how I take care of myself, how I sleep...and it shows. Innovative skincare techniques and expert products.

Exceptional locations

Each destination is a natural setting that is also a key local player. A place to live, open to nature and rooted in its region.

8 results

Novotel Thalassa Oléron Saint-Trojan****

Saint trojan les bains ∙ France

4 /5
6 reviews

Seawater spaAt the seaside

ibis Hyeres Plage Thalassa***

Hyères ∙ France

3.6 /5
5 reviews

Seawater spaAt the seaside

ibis Le Touquet Thalassa***

Le touquet ∙ France

Seawater spaOn the beach

Novotel Thalassa Le Touquet****

Le touquet ∙ France

Seawater spaOn the beach

Sofitel Agadir Thalassa sea & spa*****

Agadir ∙ Morocco

Seawater spaOn the beach

Sofitel Biarritz le Miramar Thalassa sea & spa*****

Biarritz ∙ France

Seawater spaOn the beach

Sofitel Golfe d'Ajaccio Thalassa sea & spa*****

Porticcio ∙ France

Seawater spaAt the seaside

Sofitel Quiberon Thalassa sea & spa*****

Quiberon ∙ France

Seawater spaAt the seaside