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At Pullman, fitness is fun, social, dynamic and unlike anything you’ve experienced. Take a moment for yourself to get immersed in the bold and stylish concept while an artful, athletic design keeps you at the top of your game - both mentally and physically. Be your best self. Push your limits and get ready to energize your body and inspire your mind. In some hotels, you will even have the chance to enjoy a relaxing spa session after your workout. Need to keep your workouts fresh? Pullman’s partnership with Les Mills means that you always have access to science-based, on-demand fitness. These energizing, immersive workouts are aligned to the latest research and are complete with music and moves created by doctors and sport physiologists. And if your mornings need a healthy boost, choose from four balanced menus within the Active Breakfast by Pullman; from Detox, Balance, Age Defence, and Energy Boost to best suit your needs.

Pullman Paris Centre - Bercy

SpaIn the centre of town

The full wellness program and the monthly offers at the spa by Sothys

Pullman Almar Timi Ama Resort & Spa

SpaAt the seaside

Its spa and the benefits of its marine treatments