The benefits of meditation: the key to harmony in body and mind

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Meditation has become increasingly popular over the last few years, helping people to take regular breaks and rediscover a sense of harmony in both body and mind. However, many people have questions before starting. When and how should you meditate? For how long? And where? Our expert Florence Faisan, a reflexologist at the Sofitel Quiberon Thalassa Sea & Spa , shares the keys to reconnecting with yourself and creating a meditation ritual tailored to your needs.

What is meditation?

Meditation is an ancestral practice originally from the Far East. It was traditionally practiced to develop clairvoyance and modify our relationship with the world around us. First recorded earlier than the year 2000 B.C., it initially appeared in India before spreading to China, Japan, and then the West. It was in the 1950s that it gradually gained popularity in France thanks to the rise of new spiritual perspectives, but it took until the early 21st century for its health benefits to be recognized.

In Florence Faisan’s words: “There are almost as many types of meditation as there are people who meditate, since it is a very personal experience, an inner practice.” Meditation is a way of returning to oneself in a world in which where the mind is constantly flooded with images and emotions every day. The main cornerstones of meditation are therefore focused on learning to be calm and working on staying perfectly immobile, according to our expert. Meditation enables us to gradually eliminate all traces of anxiety, but also to become fully aware of the present moment.


The benefits of meditation for restoring your energy

Meditation has many benefits. It teaches you to concentrate and focus your attention on something in order to quiet your mind,” explains Florence Faisan. Observation practices are then developed to be able to observe one’s thoughts, physical sensations, or breathing. She also sees meditation as “the knowledge of reality as it appears before us, not the knowledge of oneself.”

To get your practice off to a good start, Florence Faisan advises against setting any objectives. She points out that in meditation, “there is no such thing as success or failure.” In her view, meditation should above all be seen as an experience, a learning curve, without judgment. When someone wants to start meditating, however, it can be helpful to not do it alone. Florence Faisan emphasizes the interest of joining a group, reconnecting with others, and taking part in full programs to become comfortable meditating alone.

This offering is available at the Sofitel Quiberon Thalassa Sea & Spa , where Florence Faisan works, which provides variations on meditation and relaxation supported by wellness facilities and personalized programs. These include a sensory meditation initiation combined with a meditative stroll between land and sea, where you can learn to walk in time with your breathing. Relaxation protocols are also introduced using sophrology, yoga, and respirology.

Should you meditate every day?

According to Florence Faisan, each person’s meditation routine will be different: “Above all, you should do what you can.” No one should expect to enter a deep meditative state in just two minutes, unless they have been practicing for many years. Instead, give yourself the time and set aside at least ten minutes for each practice. Within this space, you can then create time for yourself, apart from everything else, in your home or outdoors. “After you have been practicing for a while, you can immediately unlock feelings of calm and tranquility,” she says.

Florence Faisan also highlights the importance of taking a moment to be still and listen to your breathing to modify your internal chemistry. Thanks to different hormones and by allowing ourselves to let go, the benefits of meditation can then be felt. Our expert also recommends meditation during wellness stays, where you can receive different advice and tips to ensure that you continue this beneficial practice after you leave.

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The benefits of meditation for reconnecting with yourself